Swine Production Team Member

Position Type:
Swine Production Team Member
Duties and Responsibilities:
Responsibilities of this position are to learn to maintain, and schedule the efficient and safe breeding and farrowing of sows to reach production and financial goals for the operation.
: 10 minutes Northwest of Circleville
If interested please apply online at
Essential Job Functions
Feeding sows.
Heat checking sows and artificially inseminate sows successfully to meet productions goals.
Processing, treating and castrating pigs.
Weaning and sow movement.
Maintain cull and gilt flow.
Vaccinate and oversee health of sows.
Record and manage accurate breeding data.
Power wash, clean, and sanitize farrowing barn.
Maintain equipment.
Education and Related Experience:
High school diploma or equivalent preferred
Evidence of analytical reasoning and mathematical skills to add, subtract, multiply and divide.
Agriculture (livestock/grain/feed) or manufacturing experience preferred.
We offer:
Team approach
State-of-the-art facilities
Competitive benefits package
401(k) and paid time off
Must live within commuting distance of the facility.
Join our swine production team and be a part of one of the most efficient systems in the industry today!

Don't Be Fooled

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